Steroids do not work not to lose weight

Steroids do not work: the reasons for not being able to lose this site weight

Why do not help steroids? Reasons not to lose weight

There is such an interesting schedule in sports medicine. What do these lines and numbers mean, and how to apply them to real life? A very simple.

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It shows how the energy supply of physical work in the human body. The dependence of energy sources on time. The abscissa axis (X) is the workout time in minutes, the y axis (Y) is the contribution of one or another source to the “common cause”.

Each source has a different “power” (the rate of energy release), and at the same time it is stored by the body in an amount inversely proportional to this power.

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The largest energy reserves of the body – fat. Their number may be enough for a week of continuous work, and this is not an exaggeration. It was calculated that if a marathon runner ran his distance only due to wasting fat, he would have spent about 300g on it. Marathon runner! Do you have too much?

So, now more.

Steroids do not work not to lose weight

the source is creatine phosphate. His body spends in the first place – it is a matter of a few seconds. We need it to make a sharp instant effort. Barbell, for example, lift. Or something similar.

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the source is muscle glycogen. Its costs begin to rise after the fall in consumption of creatine phosphate, the peak falls on a 5-minute load, then the level of glycogen consumption gradually decreases.

source – carbohydrates. They provide our body with energy for about an hour (more precisely, 40-80 minutes). Where does the spread? The fact is that carbohydrates are the body of carbohydrates of the organism itself (an athlete of this reserve can be 2 hours long, an ordinary untrained person has much less) and what you could eat and drink just before training (say, sweet juice) , chocolate …) Accordingly, the supply of carbohydrates may vary.

the source is fat! Only when carbohydrate maintenance of an exercise stress starts to decrease, energy mobilization from fatty tissue comes into force. That is, it comes from the very beginning, but for the first 40-60 minutes of training, the consumption of fat is so small that you can not take it into account at all. So who there hopes to build, doing a 10-minute morning run?

This does not mean that it takes an entire hour or two to be “killed” by the hardest loads in order to achieve results. But also to swing the hand with an expander, resting in front of the TV – will not work either. In order to burn fat, at least 2/3 of the body’s muscles should be involved in training. Those. to move your “carcass” in space is necessary in any case.

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That’s all.

Although no, this is still not all, there are plenty of subtleties, and knowing about them, too, will not be superfluous. And to eat for weight loss must be low calorie and balanced (do not sit on diets, which, often, are harmful) Eat properly and systematically. And it is better to do morning jogs than not (the total daily energy expenditure rises anyway, which is good for us), and you will probably need to introduce strength training over time. And much more.

Why do sports Steroids rarely work for amateurs? Tell yourself honestly, do you keep a balanced diet? And how many calories do you eat? What about proteins, fats and carbohydrates? Do not know? It’s too early for you to grab onto the fatty tops. As we have said, most of the sports fat burners are designed to “distill” the central nervous system on a low-carb diet.

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